More Than Words - A Japanese Song Lyric Site: Zeppet Store - Page Nine [English]

716, Track 4: Page Nine [English Version]

Performed By Zeppet Store


I get to work at nine today in boiling heat
I take my seat and a cup of coffee
My colleagues read
About economics, politics, with a frown
But I start at page nine

Everyone discusses stock prices
But I want to know
How the Japanese pitcher is doing
He has a nine-game winning streak
But my favorite team
Has a ten-game losing streak

I will also start at page nine tomorrow
With the hope my favorite team is winning


* All of the songs on Zeppet Store's 716 album are in English. Japanese versions of (some of) these songs are found on later albums and singles, and yes-- the grammar is right out of the lyric book.

Transcription: Pink