More Than Words - A Japanese Song Lyric Site: Zeppet Store - Orange [English]

716, Track 3: Orange [English Version]

Performed By Zeppet Store


When we walked straight ahead
Can you see anything like the son?
Maybe it is the name of hope
Little bird up in a tree
Looked down on man and woman
And sang a song of life

How far is it from here to heaven?
You'll be going on wheels
And I'll come out
I'll come out all right
Because we had just seen sunset

Little bird up in a tree
Looked down on you and me
And sang a song of love

Time is suddenly bright
It may confuse you, confuse you
But you'll remember the power of love
Because we listened to that song
Listened... the song of love


* All of the songs on Zeppet Store's 716 album are in English. Japanese versions of (some of) these songs are found on later albums and singles, and yes-- the grammar is right out of the lyric book.

Transcription: Pink